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Potter's Computer Services - Elgin

Based on information from the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce website, Elgin was originally named "Blaney." In the 1960's, however, the Elgin Watch Company opened a plant in the area. In turn, the residents voted to change the name of the town to Elgin. However, remnants of the old name can still be easily found in locations such as the Blaney Elementary School, Blaney Fire Department, and Blaney Baptist Church. Located only a few miles away from Lugoff, the town of Elgin has many residents who are bound to need a reliable PC repair and service store, and Potter's Computer Systems is happy to fill that role. Thomas Anderson, a member on the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce and owner of Potter's Computer Systems, would love to help the people of Elgin with all of their desktop, laptop, and mobile device needs.


Full Hard Drive Backup$60.00
We will back up all of your documents, music, videos, and photos and then restore them after repairs are complete.
Front-end analysis of your device to determine the actions that need to be taken in order to resolve your issues.
Reload Operating System$150.00
We will completely wipe your hard drive and reload the correct version of Windows for you (or upgrade for an additional charge)!
Universal Laptop Chargers$59.99
Our universal laptop chargers are compatible with every laptop currently on the market.
Virus Removal$120.00
We will go through your computer & clean all viruses off of your computer using the most powerful software available.
Anti-Virus Installation$40.00
We will install NOD32 Antivirus & make sure all updates are complete. We will also scan for any viruses to make sure you are clear of viruses. As a courtesy, we will run a malware/spyware application to make sure your computer is ready to go!

Cell Phone Services

iPhone 4 LCD/Digitizer Replacement$90.00
iPhone 4S LCD/Digitizer Replacement$90.00
iPhone 5 LCD/Digitizer Replacement$105.00
iPhone 5S LCD/ Digitizer Replacement$105.00
iPhone 5C LCD/Digitizer Replacement$105.00
Samsung Galaxy S3 LCD/Digitizer$195.00
Smart Phone Glass Replacements $135.00
All Smart Phone Glass Replacements are Permanent and Performed with Industry Standard Loca Glue.
IPAD Battery Replacement$85.00
IPAD 2nd, 3rd, 4th Gen Digitizer Replacement$120.00
Air and Mini Digitizer$135.00
Samsung Galaxy S4 LCD/Digitizer$250.00
Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD/Digitizer$285.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LCD/Digitizer$260.00
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LCD/Digitizer$315.00
Samsung TAB 2 10.1 Digitizer$130.00
Samsung TAB 4 10.1 Digitizer$140.00
Samsung TAB 3 8.0 Digitizer$130.00
Samsung TAB 4 8.0 Digitizer$140.00
Samsung TAB 7.0 Digitizer$130.00
Samsung TAB 7.0 PLUS Digitizer$140.00
Proximity Sensors, Speakers, Microphones, Cameras, Power Buttons, Volume Buttons $65.00 Labor Plus Parts.

Hardware Installation & Configuration

Laptop Screen Replacement$125.00
Cost may range from $125 to $225, depending on your laptop model & screen size. Labor Included

Desktop Hard Drive

1TB Western Digital$99.39
$99.39 (tax included)
500GB Western Digital$85.19
$85.19 (tax included)
250GB Western Digital$42.59
$42.59 (tax included)
80GB Western Digital$21.29
$21.29 (tax included)

Laptop Hard Drive

1TB Western Digital$154.77
$154.77 (tax included)
500GB Western Digital$99.93
$99.93 (tax included)
250GB Western Digital$65.10
$65.10 (tax included)
80GB Western Digital$51.11
$51.11 (tax included)
**ALL Prices subject to change based on customer needs.
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