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Computer Repair

Crack screens or slow booting computer stressing you out-- Get Fixed! No issue is to small or to large. If you need your laptop or computer repaired, schedule a mobile Computer Repair appointment today!

Virus Removal

Do you have a computer virus? Let our experienced repair technician get you FIXED! Get those viruses removed, schedule a mobile Virus Removal appointment today!

Dual Boot Options

Need more than one version Windows installed on the same computer? We can setup various versions side-by-side on the same pc. Setup a mobile Dual Boot Options appointment today!

Data Transfer & Recovery

Potter's Computers can move all your data from one device over to another and recover lost or deleted files on an unreadable hard drive. Schedule your mobile Data Transfer & Recovery appointment today!

Laptop/Computer Upgrades

Boost your laptop or computer performance! Let Potter's Computers upgrade your Ram, Battery, Hard Drive or SSD. Get the most out of your laptop or computer today by scheduling a mobile Laptop/Computer Upgrades appointment today!

OS Installation

Operation System Installation is an entricate task because it involves erasing ALL files (system and user files), installing a fresh OS and restoring your user data. Schedule your mobile OS Installation appointment today!

System Checkup & Optimization

Do you have a System Checkup and Optimization regimine? Let us make your computer work more efficiently and work faster. Schedule a mobile System Checkup and Optimization appointgment today!

Computer Setup

Potter's Computers can help you physically setup your computer, connect to printers, Internet and more. We'll setup the software and hardware to operate properly and efficiently. Don't wait, schedule your mobile Computer Setup appointment today!

Hard Drive Repair

Have a Hard Drive issues? Let Potter's Computers backup your data, replace hard drive and reinstall OS, programs and data files. A properly functioning hard drive is essential! Schedule your mobile Hard Drive Repair appointment today!

Mobile Computer Repair

Schedule an appointment for Mobile Computer Repair! We'll contact you within minutes! So you can Sit Back & Relax! Help is on the way... We will pickup & diagnose your computer issues. Then we'll give you a status update and FIX the issue. Once we're satisfied with the results, we will drop your computer back off.



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